We are happy to share with you details of our  All India, Nepal and Bhutan Overlanding Trip. The whole India trip will be completed in 4 phases starting with the 7 sisters of India covering the entire Northeastern part of the country, along with Bhutan and Nepal. 

The Overlanding technique is a variation of van life and we have made a rooftop tent with a complete refurbishment of the interior in addition to the water tank, electric supply, side roofs, convertible furnishing. The entire van is designed to promote travel and tourism possibilities in India and bring van life and Overlanding culture in India. Along with travel, we will be training village students with basic skills and common subjects.

This trip is designed to enhance the travel concepts  via multiple live video and blogs reach out on every day. Each episode of the trip will be uploaded to our already running Youtube channel Dream Ride 360. The pre-announcement of the trip got an impressive response.

The entire program will be narrated as a story of 7 friends from different fields (youtube vlogger, professional photographer, businessman, IT professional and travel blogger) who are traveling across India. The story will be narrated with the prime target to introduce different places, experiences, challenges we faced, solutions we found etc.


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